Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Test Your Website Security With Websecurify

Secure website is main concern of website owners and developers when the site goes live. Testers put lot of effort in finiding the loopholes and maintaing the web security. There are lot of methodology to test the website security, testing tool is one of the popular way. Testing tools generate security latest test cases and produce reporting to analyze statistics of the test performed. Every testing tool has its own limitation.

                                                     Websecurify is an automated web application security scanner that scans different security parameters of your website and generates detailed statistical analysis that helps you find security loop holes so as to keep your website safe and secure.Websecurify is free and open source so that you can extend the functionality as per your needs.  It is a cross-platform application developed with JavaScript but most parts can be redeveloped with Java, Python and C.

Key features of Websecurify
  • Users interface improvements
  • Faster, more stable testing platform
  • Improved extension development API
  • Less false-positives
  • Significant testing performance gains
  • Automatic taking of vulnerability screenshots
  • Integration with the Websecurify Network
  • Improved fuzzing strategies
  • Workspace perspectives
  • Integrated application and extension automatic updates

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